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Size Guide

Size Guide

Steps to measure your foot length:

1. Tape a blank paper on a smooth surface.

2. Measurements can be taken when standing or sitting, however, you must ensure that your foot is perpendicular to the paper during the measurement.

3. Place one foot on the paper.

4. Hold the pencil perpendicular to the floor and trace a line around your foot.

5. Draw two parallel lines, the first one extending from the tip of your longest toe and the second one extending from your heel.

6. Use a ruler to measure the length between the lines and note it down on the paper.

Steps to measure your shoes width:

1. Point 1 and 2 on the diagram must be the widest part of your feet.

3. Stand firmly on the floor and use the measuring tape to measure the width between point 1 and point 2

4. Read the measurement of the tape and note it down on the paper.

Reading the size guide

1. Use the measured foot length as basis to read the shoes size from the below table.

2. The foot width in the table depicts the standard width, if your measured value is much wider than the standard, an addition of one size should be added to your shoes size
e.g. if your length is 23.7 cm, the shoes size shall be 37. However, if your width is 23.4, you should wear 38.

3. If your left and right foot differs by one or more size, please use the bigger foot as basis.

4. If you prefer to wear the shoes with socks, please add an addition of 0.5 – 1.0 cm to the measurement depending on the thickness of your sock.